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Present It! – Communicate Confidently


  • Easy to play – pick a card, roll the dice and present!
  • 1 minute presentations to take the pressure off and learn to enjoy presenting! Still have more to say? Flip the timer and keep going!
  • Non-competitive to bring the joy into presenting without the pressure
  • 50 question topics which cover a variety of issues which anyone can relate to.
  • 200 questions allowing you to come back time after time and try a new question
  • 5 difficulties that allow people of all ages to join in the fun!
  • 1 dice – roll it to pick your question!
  • 1 sand timer – can you keep talking until the timer runs out?


  • ABUNDANCE OF QUESTIONS – 200 Questions across 50 cards
  • WIDE RANGING TOPICS – Fulfilment, Society, Psychology and Technology
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERY AGE GROUP – with 5 difficulties
  • RANDOM QUESTIONS – 1 dice to decide which question you will present
  • TIME KEEPING – 1 minute sand timer – can you speak for the entire minute?
  • IMPROVE your speaking skills through play
  • ENHANCE your critical thinking and clarity of language
  • ASK questions after each presentation to improve understanding


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